Mobile App Development Company

We create lovable apps and digital products.

  • Integration With Existing API & Data

    Our mobile app developers know the in and out of mobile app development process and we integrate with existing API accordingly.

  • Cross Platform Development

    While some specialized cases require native mobile development and we are well equipped to do that, we recommend cross platform mobile frameworks to most of our clients based on their requirements. This enables our customers to have native apps for different platforms without having to pay double the price.

  • Work with a Mobile App specialist

    LOPASTIC has primarily focused on one thing for 15 years, and that is mobile app development for ourselves and our clients. We have developed, marketed, sold, scaled, and done anything you can think of in mobile apps. So, if you are developing a product or a mobile app, it's a good idea to work with us.

  • App Strategy & Integrity

    We develop the app strategy and integrity with the accordance to your niche requirements.

  • Visible Progress

    Our agile process enables our customers to be continuously updated on the progress through quick releases, usually once every 1-2 weeks. This significantly reduces the chances of missed or misunderstood requirements.

  • Maintenance & Credibility

    Maintenance goes a long way and we believe in this. That's why we take utmost care in maintaining the process.


Mobile Marketing

Even the most viral apps need a little help to get started and that’s exactly why any successful launch is highly dependent on a well thought out marketing campaign. The right marketing strategy counts for everything, not at the least because app stores are over-saturated marketplaces. Nobody wants their apps to lie unnoticed at the bottom of the list – and its strong marketing that differentiates between successful apps from the forgotten ones.

Mobile Development Consulting

Unique and creative design tailored to each client

At LOPASTIC, we don't think that our work is complete once we deploy the application. We can deploy your app to the Apple app store and Google Play store and provide post-release support and maintenance services. You can be confident that your app will run optimally and be discoverable for the world to see.


Mobile Development Strategy

Unique and creative design tailored to each client

LOPASTIC has a team of mobile app developers who are highly skilled and provide end-to-end mobile application development services for all of the major platforms: iOS and Android. We are capable of handling the entire project lifecycle, from the concept to polished product.

One of our principal missions is to create apps that can make a significant impact in the mobile market. Startups and enterprises that partner with us to build mobile applications have continually discovered that their customers are delighted and their applications perform as expected. With the expanding role of technology in business, the right products can help businesses of all size grow.


Unshakable security

Win clients' trust and increment reception by giving secure, yet frictionless versatile encounters. Influence biometric confirmation and two advance-checks.

Rich features

Give your clients what they expect, and that's just the beginning. From consistent confirmation to in-application installments to video conferencing to online social networking sharing.

Fantastic ease of use

Enjoyment clients with curated mobile encounters that surpass desires. From simple onboarding to natural routes, managing guests by improving consumer loyalty.

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